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The GX 17 has a steel structure. The interior of the furnace is made of honeycombed refractory bricks for air circulation ; it is equipped  with a cast iron grate. The whole unit provides for a good fire resistance.
Loading is made only by a central opening on the stove top.

The GX 17 is especially well suited for small workshops, where for a moderate price, it will supply heat in burning sawdust, chips and wood cut-offs.

It is dangerous and forbidden to use products such as sanding dusts, synthetic materials, rubber or any other similar waste as well as flammable products or liquids.
These heaters are forbidden for flats, homes and shops.

The GX 17 is equipped with a centrifugal blower which accelerates the hot air diffusion in the workshop and an airstat.


Last update : 29/04/15  
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