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All our warm air space heaters are fitted with a large, hinged access door which is manufactured in cast iron and which enables easy cleaning of the combustion chamber. A thermostatic probe is fitted within each unit which controls the warn air recirculation fan. Each model is fitted with a lateralloading hopper which has an internaI safety guard, and which enables the hopper to be manually loaded without direct access to the main combustion chamber. As an optional extra, the main, warm air recirculation blower fan can be fitted within a filtered enclosure.

GX 21 D : An aerofoil type, hot air distribution fan and 3 louvred, ajustable diffuser head.
GX 25 D-  GX 38 D - GX 50 D - GX 80 D
On these models, a direct drive fan set is fitted within the galvanised sheet steel outer casing, this is to ensure that an equal distribution of hot air is allowed from each of the three, adjustable, louvre grilles which are fitted within a plenum type head development.

 This range of heaters can be supplied without the head development and thereby enable connection of the heater to a ducted, heat distribution system (GX 21 R - GX 25 R - GX 38 R - GX 50 R - GX 80 R)

It is dangerous and forbidden to use products such as sanding dusts, synthetic materials, rubber or any other similar waste as well as flammable products or liquids.
These heaters are forbidden for flats, homes and shops.

Last update : 09/10/14  
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