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The dry filter booth enables the varnish and paint vapours to be exhausted to atmosphere and so preserve the working environ ment. The dry filter booth is available in 3 versions of 4 to 8 moduls : CS 4 -CS 6 - CS 8. Ali models are supplied complete with a front canopy which has an opening in the roof section, which is covered by a glass panel. Included with each booth is an ON/OFF switch, a smearing control and an electro air gate. There are 3 differents types oUilter available, either : One made from fibreglass (standard on ail models). Or, one made from fibreglass with a primary steel filter (this type is optional). Or, one made up from pleated and perforated cardboard (special applications) (this type is optional). AI13 models are tested and satisfy the regulations required by C.R.I.T.T.

Last update : 09/10/14  
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